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Committee Elected & Appointed

The membership embraced the election process for the first committee. We had an exceptionally high voter turnout.

Each and every one of the candidates deserves recognition for putting themselves forward for election. It is a great testament to our wonderful neighbourhood that high calibre and number of the candidates was nearly twice that of the available positions. 

The candidates did Grey Lynn proud and gave all the residents a valuable choice that they would not have had without them. Democracy is alive and well in our community.

The elected members for 2013/2014 are:

  • Dan Salmon (Chairman)
  • Liz Hancock (Secretary)
  • Simon Keely
  • Jamie Hosking
  • Jennifer Burns
  • Chris Patterson (Treasurer)

The elected members appointed Philip Walsh who had stood but withdrew from the election due to a tie for the sixth position. The second appointed and eight member of the committee is Nicola Legat. Nicola has lived in Grey Lynn since 1986 and was a member of the original residents’ group, the Grey Lynn Westmere Community Committee, which ceased operation in the mid 90s. Out of that group came the organising committee of the Grey Lynn Park Festival, the Grey Lynn Park Advisory Group, the Coxs Bay Park Advisory Group and Friends of Coxs Bay, with all of which Nicola has been closely involved. She is the former editor of Metro magazine and now a book publisher. Her local knowledge is extensive. She is a Dryden Street rep assisting with the UP Streets Group.

The committee is meeting on Tuesday, 21 May 2013 and will report back to the membership that week.