Grey Lynn New - What to do about a large development next door

Concerned About a Proposed Development Near You?

A Guide to Action

This guide is intended to help residents affected by a proposed property development.

Note that if the proposed development is appropriate for the location, i.e. it fits within the rules for the zone, it will automatically qualify for a non-notified resource consent. It is virtually impossible to object to a complying proposal.

If it doesn’t fully comply but any adverse effects are ‘less than minor’, it will likely qualify for a non-notified resource consent and there is little you can do. But if you think the adverse effects are more than minor and get onto it early enough, you can object in an effort to prompt risk-averse Council staff into notifying the development.

If the effects are ‘more than minor’, the proposed development should be notified. Notified parties can submit. This is all explained in the guide…

Auckland Unitary Plan Submissions

Since the Auckland Unitary Plan process commenced back in 2013, a subcommittee of the Grey Lynn Residents Association has been active in making submissions to the Independent Hearings Panel that will adjudicate on the plan. Here are the submissions that we have made…

Grey Lynn Survey

We conducted a survey of people who live, work and play in Grey Lynn in December 2014. The objective was to understand their involvement with Grey Lynn and their aspirations for the area in order to assess and prioritise current and future needs; and provide Council and community groups a robust basis for focussing activities and resource allocations.