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REMINDER: Have your say on the future look of Great North Road…

If you haven’t already, we really want your feedback on Great North Road.

Go Here Now: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/8788Y3Y

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Residential Parking Zones Proposed for Grey Lynn & Arch Hill

These parking problems are why we need residential parking zones
Earlier this year the net of city fringe residential parking zones was widened to include Ponsonby, where many properties have no off-street parking.

Residential parking zones in Ponsonby have had a domino effect on Grey Lynn, with many streets now clogged up with commuter parking and residents struggling to find a car park.

Auckland Transport is now proposing residential parking zones in Grey Lynn and Arch Hill, and would like your feedback.

The residential parking zones replace free on-street parking with 120-minute parking zones for everyone except permit-holding residents, who can continue to park all day long.

We at Grey Lynn Residents Association are strongly in favour and urge you to review the information on AT’s website here and give feedback here.


Since the introduction of the residential parking zones in Ponsonby, many Grey Lynn residents have experienced a dramatic increase in the number of cars parked in their street. The commuters who find fringe suburbs convenient places to park their cars before embarking on a short walk or bus ride to work have simply moved from Ponsonby to Grey Lynn.

We now face significant problems with overcrowded parking, mainly from commuters who park all day. This makes it difficult for local residents, visitors and business customers to find parking.

A Herald article by Bernard Orsman reported people “arriving at 6 in the morning and having breakfast in their cars to park all day for free.”

The introduction of residential parking zones in Grey Lynn and Arch Hill will restore order on the streets.


Roads in the proposed Grey Lynn residential parking zone are:

Allen Road, Ariki Street, Arnold Street, Baildon Road, Beaconsfield Street, Browning Street, Chamberlain Street, Cockburn Street, Coleridge Street, Crummer Road, Dickens Street, Dryden Street, Edwards Road, Elgin Street, Farrar Street, Firth Road, Grosvenor Street, Hakanoa Street (part of), Jessel Street, Julian Street, Leighton Street, Millais Street, Murdoch Road (part of), Northland Street, Prime Road, Richmond Road (part of), Rose Road (part of), Sackville Street, Scanlan Street (part of), Schofield Street, Selbourne Street, Surrey Crescent (part of), Sussex Street, Turakina Street, Tutanekai Street (part of), Westmoreland Street East, Williamson Avenue (part of).
Grey Lynn map of proposed residential parking zone

Roads in the proposed Arch Hill residential parking zone are:

Bond Street (part of), Brisbane Street (part of), Commercial Road, Cooper Street, Dean Street, Home Street, Keppell Street, King Street (part of), Kirk Street (part of), Monmouth Street (part of), Niger Street, Potatau Street (part of), Seddon Street, Waima Street (part of).
Arch Hill map of proposed residential parking zone

If your street is just outside the proposed zone, you can request the zone be extended to include your street. We believe it would be wise for you to support such an extension.

If your street is just outside the proposed residential parking zone and you are tempted to oppose extending it to include your street because you don’t currently have a problem, I have news for you… you will almost certainly have a problem once the domino effect kicks in again and moves the problem further out.


The residential parking zones prioritise daytime parking for local residents, businesses and visitors. Within the proposed zones a parking time limit of 120 minutes (P120) applies Monday to Friday, from 8am to 6pm.

This gives visitors to local businesses plenty of time to park for free. For employees of businesses within the area, you effectively only have to worry about the hours of 10am to 4pm. If you work from 9-5, simply move your car at 11am, 1pm and 3 pm to avoid being ticketed. You should have no problem finding a park because all the commuters will have moved out to the next closest area with no residential parking zone.

Inside the residential parking zone, residents can apply for permits and daily coupons to exempt them from the time restrictions. Businesses within the proposed zone will also be able to apply for one parking permit.

Daily coupons give local residents, businesses and their visitors the ability to stay longer than the P120 time restriction. Residents get 50 free visitor coupons per year. Additional one-day coupons, if required, are $5 each. Permits are $70 per year.


Auckland Transport will hold two information sessions for you to come and talk to the project team about the proposal…

Wednesday 22 November: 4:00pm – 6:30pm at Grey Lynn Community Centre
Thursday 30 November: 4:30pm – 6:30pm at Grey Lynn Library


We urge you to have a look at what is being proposed and have your say. The information sessions give you the opportunity to talk to the project team about the proposal and any concerns you might have.

For more information, please visit the project page.

To have your say, leave online feedback here.

The consultation closes on Wednesday 13 December, 2017.


AGM 2017

You are invited to attend the annual Grey Lynn Residents Association AGM as follows…


Where: Upstairs, Grey Lynn RSC, 1 Francis Street, Grey Lynn
When: 7:30 – 9:00 p.m. Thursday 30 November 2017


Minutes of the 2016 AGM
Chair’s report
Financial report
Election of committee members
General business
Meeting closes at 9:00 p.m.

Have your say on the future look of Great North Road…

Grey Lynn Residents Association is developing a community-led vision for Great North Road from Ponsonby Road corner to the Surrey Crescent shops.

We want to understand the opportunities and challenges for this portion of Great North Rd from your perspective, so we’re running an online survey.

Have your say here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/8788Y3Y

And to thank you for taking the time out, you’ll go into the draw for a spot prize! We have…  [Read more…]

Waitemata Local Board Plan 2017 – Have Your Say on the Draft 2017 Plan

Waitemata Local Board Plan 2017 – Have Your Say on the Draft 2017 Plan
The draft Waitemata Local Board Plan 2017 sets out proposed priorities for the next 3 years & guides what the local board aims to achieve for the community.

Come along and discuss your concerns and ideas about plans for your community.

Here’s what to do…

Read the draft plan and supporting material:

Ready to have your say?

When you have read the draft plan and are ready to have your say, come along to the Grey Lynn Library on Wednesday evening, join the lively discussion, and tell the local board what you think. Your feedback will help inform the decisions of the elected members of Waitemata Local Board.

When: 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm, Wednesday 7 June 2017
Where: Grey Lynn Library Hall, 474 Great North Road, Grey Lynn

Westmere & Pt Chev Face Major Cycle & Pedestrian Changes – Feedback Wanted

Auckland TransportAuckland Transport (AT) is planning new walking & cycling facilities in Pt Chev & Westmere. They want your feedback to help them improve the route’s design.

The project is intended to provide a safe and appealing route for people on bikes with a range of confidence levels, as well as major improvements for pedestrians.

It will provide [Read more…]

Fatal Dog Attack in Grey Lynn Park – Malamute or Husky + Woman Owner

A local resident has reported a distressing dog attack in the Elgin Street car park across the road from the main entrance to Grey Lynn Park.

Key facts of the dog attack

  • An off-leash dog attacked and killed a family’s pet cat, Fred.
  • The dog attack happened in the Elgin Street car park, which is located on the corner of Elgin Street and Prime Road, just outside the vehicle entrance to Grey Lynn Park. See the spot marked with X in the map below.
  • The car park is NOT an off-leash area.
  • The attack dog was like an Alaskan Malamute or Siberian Husky. They look quite similar but Malamutes are bigger and stronger; Huskies are smaller and faster and their ears are closer together on top of their head.
  • The owner was a middle-aged woman.
  • After the dog attack, the woman simply put the dog back on its lead and walked off into Grey Lynn Park!
  • An eyewitness reported the incident to Council.
  • The dog attack happened sometime between 11:00 AM and 11:20 AM on Wednesday 22 March.
  • If you know anything, please contact Aaron Neary, Animal Management Officer – aaron.neary@aucklandcouncil.govt.nz.
  • Alternatively, send any info in confidence to hello@GreyLynnResidents.org.nz.

Dog Attack: Alaskan Malamute vs Siberian Husky

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Looking for work? We need someone to run this community project…

We need a facilitator. Are you a consultant (marketing, management, communications, research), university student, or have research and analytical skills?

Grey Lynn Residents Association (GLRA) is working with Auckland Council to develop a community-led vision for the Great North Road ridge between Ponsonby Road and Surrey Crescent shops.

We need someone to run the research phase of this project.

We’ll provide a list of the stakeholder groups that must be consulted with and any support you need.

You’ll set up appointments with representatives of those groups, interview them, and document the results.

You’ll also review and analyse a range of reports and Council documents we provide.

We’ll provide a framework for you to work with.

Your finished document will…

  • Accurately reflect the views of the various stakeholder groups and include full transcripts and/or notes.
  • Identify key issues and opportunities in a form that can contribute to the development of the community-led vision.
  • Focus on practical issues and initiatives that can realistically be worked on within a 5-year timeframe.



  • Brandon Wilcox (brandon@evolve.co.nz / 021 628-098) or
  • David Batten (david@thewinefence.co.nz / 021 440-332)

Grey Lynn Repair Cafe

Our good friends at Grey Lynn 2030 are running Grey Lynn’s first ever Repair Cafe from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM on Saturday 18 February. Bring your broken stuff!

What is a repair cafe?

It’s where you bring along something in need of repair and a team of volunteer experts will repair it for you, and show you how the repair is done if you wish.

Examples of items you might want to bring in for repair are  [Read more…]

Happy New Year 2017 from the United Republic of Gay Lynn

Happy New Year 2017 United Republic of Gay Lynn

We wish all Grey Lynn residents a Happy New Year and all the best for 2017.

Grosvenor Street – No Stopping At All Times Proposal

Grosvenor Street No Stopping
Auckland Transport is seeking feedback on a proposal to install No Stopping At All Times restrictions on Grosvenor Street, Grey Lynn.

The proposal is in response to concerns about [Read more…]

Great North Road Community-led Vision: Request for Proposal

Great North Road Ridge
Grey Lynn Residents Association is developing a community-led vision for the Great North Road ridge between Ponsonby Road and Surrey Crescent shops.

Auckland Council has provided funding via Waitemata Local Board to facilitate GLRA’s creation of the community-led vision for Great North Road ridge.

This community-led vision comprises two parts…   [Read more…]

Patrik Schumacher wants to scrap social housing and public space

Patrik Schumacher wants to scrap social housing and public space
Could this work in Auckland? Patrik Schumacher, director of Zaha Hadid Architects, has an 8-point plan to solve London’s housing affordability crisis…

His controversial plan includes getting rid of regulations, privatising all public space and scrapping social housing.
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AGM 2016 Reminder

N.B. New start time & agenda. You are invited to attend the annual Grey Lynn Residents Association AGM as follows…

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AGM 2016

You are invited to attend the annual Grey Lynn Residents Association AGM as follows…

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Meet the Candidates Agenda – with Satire!

Our Meet the Candidates event is tomorrow night. With script input from an anonymous satirist, there’ll be great entertainment to soften the hard questions!

Auckland Council (AC) and Waitemata Local Board (WLB) candidates will answer your questions, explain what they stand for and why you should vote for them in Auckland’s local elections. [Read more…]

Meet the candidates on 21 September – UPDATE

Our Meet the Candidates evening is rolling around next week. I hope you can be there. We promise it won’t be boring – there’ll be some cheeky fun for sure!

The attendees are…  [Read more…]

Meet the candidates on 21 September

Bill Ralston, Mike Lee, Pippa Coom, Rob Thomas!

They and other Auckland Council and Waitemata Local Board candidates will be at the RSC on Wednesday 21 September to tell you why you should vote for them in the council elections.

Come along to listen and come with your questions.

Cash bar downstairs.

All welcome.
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St Columba Clay Works Potter’s Market and Community Day

Following the great success of St Columba’s inaugural event last year, this year’s Clay Works Potter’s Market and Community Day is even bigger and better!

Free event – fundraiser for St Columba Church.

St Columba clayworks fundraiser [Read more…]

Meet the candidates – Save the date

Grey Lynn residents are welcome at a meeting where you can hear the candidates for Auckland Council and the Waitemata Local Board explain why they deserve your vote and how they will approach key issues for your neighbourhood and city.

Where: Upstairs, Grey Lynn RSC, 1 Francis Street, Grey Lynn

When: 7:00-9:00 pm, Wednesday 21 September 2016

Organised by the Grey Lynn Residents Association

Auckland Unitary Plan interview with GLRA on Morning Report today

Auckland Unitary Plan interview on RNZ Morning Report todayThis morning Guyon Espiner talked to Brandon Wilcox of Grey Lynn Residents Association and Leroy Beckett of Generation Zero about the Auckland Unitary Plan.

Read the article and embedded interviews here or click here to listen to the Morning Report interview with Brandon Wilcox and Leroy Beckett.  [Read more…]

Great North Road, Grey Lynn precinct vision

Great North Road Grey Lynn precinct vision

In February 2016 Grey Lynn Residents Association submitted a proposal to Waitemata Local Board for a community-led precinct vision for Great North Road.

The proposal is on the agenda to be considered at the next Board meeting. The recommendations to be considered are that the Waitemata Local Board…  [Read more…]

SeaPath Update


A number of Grey Lynn residents provided feedback on SeaPath, a proposed 3km long walking and cycling path between Takapuna and Northcote Point.

Although SeaPath is not a Grey Lynn project, it is of interest to Grey Lynn residents, especially if it connects directly with the proposed SkyPath harbour bridge crossing. This will open up the North Shore to easy bicycle and pedestrian access from our side of the bridge.  [Read more…]

Chronicles of our Unitary Plan fight for Grey Lynn

Chronicles of our unitary plan fight

In May the Auckland Unitary Plan Independent Hearings Panel will finish hearing submissions on the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan. By July Auckland Council will be presented with the Panel’s proposed changes and the Unitary Plan will be one step closer to becoming fully operative.

It seems an appropriate time to review where we are with the plan, and how we have got here.

Final Unitary Plan appearance

Late on the afternoon of Thursday 14 April 2016 Grey Lynn Residents Association representatives Liz Hancock, Nicola Legat and Tania Mace made their final appearance in front of the Auckland Unitary Plan Independent Hearings Panel (IHP).

It all began in 2013

This was the very end of a lengthy process that began in 2013 when [Read more…]

Have Your Say on How 2016-2017 Council Budget is Spent

Auckland Council budget feedback meeting
Waitemata Local Board wants you to have your say on the Local Board’s priorities & activities, and how the 2016-2017 Auckland Council budget is spent.

We are hosting a public meeting as follows for you to find out more about Waitemata Local Board priorities & activities from members of the board, and to give you an opportunity to provide feedback on local and regional Auckland Council Budget consultation topics, including the Interim Transport Levy, rates and local priorities.

When: 7:00 pm Wednesday 24 February
Where: Grey Lynn Returned Services Club, 1 Francis St, Grey Lynn
Refreshments: A cash bar will be open to quench your thirst.

This financial year the Waitemata Local Board plans to improve local facilities by increasing investment in parks and open spaces. They will continue to support community-led projects as well as deliver actions from the recently adopted Waitemata Low Carbon Action Plan.

This meeting is your chance to hear what they have to say about these initiatives, and the 2016/17 Auckland Council Budget, and provide feedback in person.

We hope to see you there!