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How Plan Change 78 (Intensification Rules) Affects Grey Lynn

Plan Change 78 could mean these Grey Lynn villas are zoned for apartment buildings unless the "special character" overlay is retained
Plan Change 78 rezones these properties in Selbourne St to allow 5-storey apartment buildings as they are within 200m of Grey Lynn Local Centre (Surrey Cres Shops) – a local shopping centre that Council considers “large”. They are currently zoned single house and are not covered by the special character overlay.

The proposed Plan Change 78 rezones all Auckland suburbs. It is open for submissions until 29 September 2022. Make sure you have your say!

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Petition to Ban Private Helicopter Use in Residential Auckland

Potential helicopter landing pad sites in Coxs Bay, Westmere, Auckland, which would threaten important roosting and foraging site for threatened indigenous birds.

Sign Quiet Sky Waitematā’s petition to ban private helicopter use in residential Auckland areas to protect fauna & flora, and community amenity values.

A resource consent application for helicopter activity at 38 Rawene Ave, Westmere is requesting four movements per day, which is 1,460 landings and takeoffs per year.

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GLRA submission on Government’s new housing rules

Urban development in Grey Lynn
An example of urban development in Grey Lynn

Last month Auckland Council sought feedback on their preliminary response to Government’s new housing rules. We submitted on your behalf…

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Grey Lynn News – Keeping Up with the Cohaus & More!

Grey Lynn News

Welcome to Grey Lynn News for Oct 2020: Keeping up with the Cohaus. Beating the water shortage. Get biking & get free stuff! And more…

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Auckland Water Shortage: How to Beat the Drought

Grey Lynn News - Auckland water shortage

So, it’s official. Another Auckland water shortage faces us this summer and already a ban on watering our gardens is in place. What to do?

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Grey Lynn News – August 2020 – News, Sightings & More!

Grey Lynn News

Welcome to Grey Lynn News for August 2020. Grey Lynn Park developments, Plan Change 26, street trees, a leopard seal sighting near Coxs Bay! And more…

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Grey Lynn Park playground and other developments

Grey Lynn Park playground

What’s happening with Grey Lynn Park playground and other developments? Our park was a haven for us during lockdown and we’re keen to see it thriving.

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PSA: Grey Lynn Park rules & etiquette during lockdown

Dogs playing in Grey Lynn Park

Following Police visits to Grey Lynn Park yesterday, here’s a public service announcement regarding what you can and can’t do in the park during lockdown…

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Grey Lynn Heritage Zone – Rule Change Wanted By Auckland Council!

Grey Lynn Heritage Zone - Rule Change Wanted By Auckland Council!

Auckland Council wants to change the Unitary Plan to make heritage zones more developer friendly. We need to know what you think. Read on, it’s important…

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Submission on the Proposed Changes to the Waitemata and Gulf Ward Boundaries

Auckland Council has been consulting on electoral boundaries and representation, which included Waitematā and Gulf Ward boundary changes. We submitted on this proposal…

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Proposed changes to the Policy on Dogs and Dog Management Bylaw

Proposed changes to the Policy on Dogs and Dog Management Bylaw

Auckland Council reviewed the current Policy on Dogs and Dog Management Bylaw in November 2018 and is proposing changes to improve dog management in Auckland…

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The future of Auckland’s transport – an important Auckland Council survey

Auckland's transport plans - have your say
Tell Auckland Council what you think of their transport plans and you’ll go into the draw to win 1 of 10 $50 vouchers.

Give your feedback now »

Here’s your chance to share your feedback on two documents that will shape Auckland’s transport over the next decade…  [Read more…]

Have your say on the future look of Great North Road…

Grey Lynn Residents Association is developing a community-led vision for Great North Road from Ponsonby Road corner to the Surrey Crescent shops.

We want to understand the opportunities and challenges for this portion of Great North Rd from your perspective, so we’re running an online survey.

Have your say here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/8788Y3Y

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Chronicles of our Unitary Plan fight for Grey Lynn

Chronicles of our unitary plan fight

In May the Auckland Unitary Plan Independent Hearings Panel will finish hearing submissions on the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan. By July Auckland Council will be presented with the Panel’s proposed changes and the Unitary Plan will be one step closer to becoming fully operative.

It seems an appropriate time to review where we are with the plan, and how we have got here.

Final Unitary Plan appearance

Late on the afternoon of Thursday 14 April 2016 Grey Lynn Residents Association representatives Liz Hancock, Nicola Legat and Tania Mace made their final appearance in front of the Auckland Unitary Plan Independent Hearings Panel (IHP).

It all began in 2013

This was the very end of a lengthy process that began in 2013 when [Read more…]

Unitary Plan Petition

Grey Lynn unitary plan petition

Auckland Ratepayers’ Alliance has launched a “Unitary Plan Petition” to tell Auckland Council to withdraw their undemocratic “out of scope” zoning changes.

In December last year, just before Christmas (forgive us for being cynical about their timing), Auckland Council announced zoning changes to many Auckland suburbs with no consultation and no ability for ratepayers to give any feedback whatsoever.

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