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Kia kaha Grey Lynn – rallying under another lockdown shutdown

Grey Lynn News - Cox's Bay playground

We’re proud of the way our community rallied under the lockdown shutdown, and the people and places that helped us adapt. Our highlights…

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Paid Parking Coming to Grey Lynn – and Why We Support It

Auckland Transport (AT) wants to introduce paid parking on high-demand streets in Grey Lynn and Arch Hill business fringe areas. Here’s why we support it…

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Grey Lynn News – August 2020 – News, Sightings & More!

Grey Lynn News

Welcome to Grey Lynn News for August 2020. Grey Lynn Park developments, Plan Change 26, street trees, a leopard seal sighting near Coxs Bay! And more…

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Grey Lynn Park playground and other developments

Grey Lynn Park playground

What’s happening with Grey Lynn Park playground and other developments? Our park was a haven for us during lockdown and we’re keen to see it thriving.

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Plan Change 26 – which rules apply in Special Character areas?

Plan Change 26 - which rules apply in Special Character areas?

We submitted on proposed Plan Change 26 and by the time you read this, we will also have attended the hearing. So, what’s Plan Change 26 all about?

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Covid-19 Online Shopping for Locals

Want to support local businesses during the lockdown? Here’s a handy guide to local food suppliers offering Covid-19 online shopping or open to walk-ins…

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PSA: Grey Lynn Park rules & etiquette during lockdown

Dogs playing in Grey Lynn Park

Following Police visits to Grey Lynn Park yesterday, here’s a public service announcement regarding what you can and can’t do in the park during lockdown…

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Adopt your Street: Covid-19 & Community

Grey Lynn Covid-19 community support

Here’s how Grey Lynn residents can look outward during this uncertain time of Covid-19 lockdown and ensure everyone in our community is being looked after.

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By Nicola Legat

Auckland Council and our local board are asking Aucklanders how they would like their rates spent in their neighbourhoods over the next year.

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Predator Free Grey Lynn

Predator Free Grey Lynn

Getting rid of rats and bringing back the birds to Grey Lynn.

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GLRA Committee for 2020

The Grey Lynn Residents Association held its 2019 AGM on 2 December 2019, attended by newly minted Waitemata Ward councillor Pippa Coom and including a spirited presentation by Graeme Hill of Predator Free Grey Lynn.

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Chair’s report for Annual Meeting: 2 December 2019

AGM 2 December 2019. Held at the Grey Lynn RSC, Francis Street, Grey Lynn.

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AGM 2 December 2019

Love living in Grey Lynn? Concerned about local issues? Being an active member of Grey Lynn Residents Association is the ideal way to get involved in making our neighbourhood a better place to live.

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Here Are the Candidates We’ll Be Speed Dating Tonight

Come along tonight to hear these Auckland Council and Waitematā Local Board aspirants in our popular comedy format – reconfigured into a candidate speed date format

You don’t need to be on Tinder to swipe right tonight! It’s an event that once again promises to be fast, furious, and fun!

Candidate Speed Date - Swipe Right?!? | Monday 16 September
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Candidate Speed Date… Swipe Right?!? | Monday 16 September

Candidate Speed Date - Swipe Right?!? | Monday 16 September

Meet our Auckland Council & Waitemata Local Board aspirants. No need to be on Tinder for this candidate speed date event – it’ll be fast, furious, and fun!

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Grey Lynn Heritage Zone – Rule Change Wanted By Auckland Council!

Grey Lynn Heritage Zone - Rule Change Wanted By Auckland Council!

Auckland Council wants to change the Unitary Plan to make heritage zones more developer friendly. We need to know what you think. Read on, it’s important…

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Grey Lynn Park – Proposed Changing Rooms & Toilet Facility

Waitemata Local Board has sent us an indicative artistic impression of the changing and toilet facility planned for Grey Lynn Park.

Here’s what Waitemata Local Board said to us…

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Make Meola Road Safe! New Zebra Crossing

Western Springs College is petitioning Waitemata Local Board to make Meola Rd safe for WSC students by installing a pedestrian crossing to the bus stop.

Sign the petition here »

Here’s what WSC Travel Wise says in their petition…

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Latest news on the poisoned plane trees in Selbourne Street

The trees poisoned last year are still hanging in there, and one in particular has thrown up a lot of new growth. As a result of a GLRA enquiry, the Council arborist has agreed to leave them standing for now to see what eventuates. The dead limbs will be pruned back, however, and neighbours will be notified via a letter drop when work is about to commence.

Submission on the Proposed Changes to the Waitemata and Gulf Ward Boundaries

Auckland Council has been consulting on electoral boundaries and representation, which included Waitematā and Gulf Ward boundary changes. We submitted on this proposal…

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Proposed changes to the Policy on Dogs and Dog Management Bylaw

Proposed changes to the Policy on Dogs and Dog Management Bylaw

Auckland Council reviewed the current Policy on Dogs and Dog Management Bylaw in November 2018 and is proposing changes to improve dog management in Auckland…

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GLRA Submission on Proposed New Speed Limits Bylaw 2019

GLRA Submission on Proposed New Speed Limits Bylaw 2019

Auckland Transport called for submissions on their proposed speed limit bylaw in February. Following is GLRA’s submission…

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Chair’s report for AGM November 2018

It has been another very busy year for the committee of the Grey Lynn Residents’ Association, which has had several key issues to address during the year.

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Residents Parking Zone Grey Lynn & Arch Hill Goes Live 7 December

The go-live date for the residents parking zone Grey Lynn & Arch Hill is 7 December 2018. AT is posting letters this week to in-zone residents & businesses.

It’s what the majority of locals have been waiting for and it’s finally here! The new residents parking zones in Grey Lynn and Arch Hill will provide greater parking availability for local residents, businesses and visitors to the area.  [Read more…]

AGM 2018

You are invited to attend the annual Grey Lynn Residents Association AGM as follows…


Where: Upstairs, Grey Lynn RSC, 1 Francis Street, Grey Lynn
When: 7:30 – 9:00 p.m. Monday 3 December 2018


  • Welcome
  • Minutes of the 2017 AGM
  • Chair’s report
  • Financial report
  • Election of committee members
  • Amendments to constitution
    • Increase number of appointed committee members from 2 to 3 and committee meeting quorum from 4 to 5
    • Standardise notice period for all Meetings
  • General business

Meeting closes at 9:00 p.m.