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Inaugural Meeting Report

Great inaugural meeting last Thursday night. Over 80 Grey Lynners were in attendance as well as a small contingent from Arch Hill and Greg Moyle (Waitemata Community Board Member).

Many thanks to Mark Donnelly for giving us all the benefit of some of his experiences in relation to The Eden Park Neighbours Association and for telling us about his community’s reaction to the Unitary Plan (UP). 

Likewise, big thanks to Amanda Martin, Liz Hancock and the rest of the Grey Lynn Streets team for providing us with a good (but concerning) overview of the UP and how it affects Grey Lynn. We are in good hands with the Grey Lynn Streets team working on the GLRA response to the UP.

Finally, well done Grey Lynn for forming your own residents association. The St Mary’s Bay Association is about to celebrate its 35th birthday. The Grey Lynn Residents Association might a be newborn in comparison but it has a great opportunity to help our community be the most vibrant place to live in the country.

Good work Grey Lynn. Now lets keep the momentum going! An update regarding the committee\election process will be posted shortly.