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By Nicola Legat

Auckland Council and our local board are asking Aucklanders how they would like their rates spent in their neighbourhoods over the next year.

They’ve come up with a plan of what they think funds are best spent on and they are asking us to let them know whether we agree, and what other things they should be considering.

The Grey Lynn Residents Association will be making a submission – and soon we will post it on this website so you can see it.

We encourage local residents and organisations to make their own individual submissions, based on what they think would be beneficial to the community. If you’d like to let us know what you think the Council should be doing so we can consider including that in our submissions, feel free to email us your ideas at hello@GreyLynnResidents.org.nz

Submissions close on March 22.

Here’s the link to the Council’s online consultation form.


  1. Grant Major says

    Getting rid of speedway and other 20th century style petro-sports.