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Predator Free Grey Lynn

Predator Free Grey Lynn

Getting rid of rats and bringing back the birds to Grey Lynn.

Urban Ark-Manawa Taiao is a newly formed predator control organisation the encompasses Auckland’s Urban West. Predator Free Grey Lynn is part of this.

We’d love you to be part of it and make a positive difference to our urban

Here’s what it looks like as of today.


  1. Do you have a rat trap?
  2. Do you use it?
  3. Would you tell us where it is?

That’s about it really, but we will need to know what type of trap it is and
your e-mail so we can organise strategies, send out advisories etc. You
won’t be bombarded. A typical newsletter is included below.

We have some free traps but they’re running out fast. We are happy to deliver personally and set them up.

In our recent newsletter below you’ll see the current trapping operation for Grey Lynn. I strongly suspect there are plenty of you that are trapping already or would like to be. Just let us know. Email me graemehill@xtra.co.nz

Ahoy all. Confirmed traps are now registered on TrapNZ. It’s a funny shape because Hakanoa-Sackville-Turakina have a long running intensive programme and we don’t need to bother them. They’re kind-of “in” anyway. They take care of themselves and we’re in regular contact with what’s going on with both our projects. No need to gild a lily. They are Predator Free West Lynn.

You’ll notice some intense clusters, which it great, but we’d like to do better around parks and the motorway especially. If you’re in those areas or know people who are, don’t hold back asking your neighbours. For free traps get in early. Not many left.

Pest Free Grey Lynn is concentrating on back-yard trapping, not the parks stuff as there are other authorities and volunteer groups taking those on, and some of you receiving this will be among them. Good on ya! This approach means we can concentrate on communicating with one style of predator control folk. You don’t have to wrestle with public consent issues, bureaucracy etc.  Other brave souls are taking this on and we’ll probably add them to this map in a different colour soon.

The website is here. We’re called PF Grey Lynn:

Our Facebook page is here:


  1. Pamela Clark says

    I’ve previously purchased a rat trap but after successfully using it once I won’t ever use it again. It was so poorly designed the rat was not killed outright but left in what must have been excruciating pain overnight. I then had to kill it myself. The whole episode was very disturbing.
    Even rsts deserve to be treated more hunanely. Do you use and know where can I get a humane rat trap? Many thanks.

    • Brandon Wilcox says

      The ones supplied by Predator Free Grey Lynn are awesome. I’ve had lots of reports of rats being killed and not one of a failure as you describe. I highly recommend them.