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Fatal Dog Attack in Grey Lynn Park – Malamute or Husky + Woman Owner

A local resident has reported a distressing dog attack in the Elgin Street car park across the road from the main entrance to Grey Lynn Park.

Key facts of the dog attack

  • An off-leash dog attacked and killed a family’s pet cat, Fred.
  • The dog attack happened in the Elgin Street car park, which is located on the corner of Elgin Street and Prime Road, just outside the vehicle entrance to Grey Lynn Park. See the spot marked with X in the map below.
  • The car park is NOT an off-leash area.
  • The attack dog was like an Alaskan Malamute or Siberian Husky. They look quite similar but Malamutes are bigger and stronger; Huskies are smaller and faster and their ears are closer together on top of their head.
  • The owner was a middle-aged woman.
  • After the dog attack, the woman simply put the dog back on its lead and walked off into Grey Lynn Park!
  • An eyewitness reported the incident to Council.
  • The dog attack happened sometime between 11:00 AM and 11:20 AM on Wednesday 22 March.
  • If you know anything, please contact Aaron Neary, Animal Management Officer – aaron.neary@aucklandcouncil.govt.nz.
  • Alternatively, send any info in confidence to hello@GreyLynnResidents.org.nz.

Dog Attack: Alaskan Malamute vs Siberian Husky

Do you know anything? Did you see anything? Do you have any idea who this dog and its owner might be?

It would be great if you could assist in tracking down the irresponsible dog owner and killer dog responsible for the death of Christine’s cat, Fred.

Here is the email we received from Christine, who, incidentally, is also a dog owner (Minty’s mum for those who know her)…

Our cat Fred was killed by a dog on Wednesday (at the Elgin St car park) across the road from both our home and Grey Lynn Park. An eyewitness reported the incident to Council.

Dog was an off lead dog (Alaskan Malamute or Siberian husky) and immediately after this happened, the person accompanying the dog (middle aged woman) put the dog back on lead and simply walked off into the park!

We are grieving the loss of our cat and at the same time feeling appalled at the careless, callous and cowardly actions of the person walking that dog.

Cat owners be warned.

If anyone has any information about this incident that you want to share with us please do so. Alternatively, confidential information can be given to the Aaron Neary, Animal Management Officer – aaron.neary@aucklandcouncil.govt.nz

Elgin Street car park, Grey Lynn Park, the location of the dog attack


  1. Geoff Houtman says

    Its the same as cycling on the footpath, parking on the berms etc- if Council doesnt enforce the rules everyone just forgets them.

  2. Does anyone know about the brick pump house, located at 1 A Tuarangi Road, Grey Lynn? What was pumped therein?

  3. random visitor from google - malamute vs husky says

    So … “The car park is NOT an off-leash area.” … do I get that right that Fred was on the leash, close to the owner, yet the owner failed to protect the cat from a dog that is far below average breed in dog attacks statistics? And also, no one tried to stop the lady (was she even fully aware what has happened?) and call cops immediately, but rather preferred to tell tales on the lady later? No photo in the age of smartphones when the manufacturers are competing who can pack more cameras to a phone?

    • Brandon Wilcox says

      You’ve got the facts a little mixed up so allow me to clarify… Fred was definitely not on a leash because Fred is not a dog – Fred was the cat that was attacked and killed.

      The dog was supposed to be on a leash but wasn’t and was running free. The dog’s owner was not right beside the dog when the attack happened but did see what happened. Her response? She simply put her dog back on the leash and walked off. So yes, she was fully aware of what happened.

      As for the eye witness, she was not close enough to do anything and it was over so quickly she had no time to intervene or take a photo. I have no idea whether she even had a smartphone on her. I’m sure if the owner had walked the dog towards our eye witness, something would have been said. But it was walked in the opposite direction, so not possible.

      I think it is a little harsh to describe reporting it to the residents association as telling tales. Instead, I think the eye witness did what she thought was the right thing to do to try and bring the culprit to justice. Good on her I say.