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Grey Lynn Up-zone Could Increase Density In Your Street

Grey Lynn up-zone alert!

Latest Auckland Council zone changes mean your street can be filled with apartments. Voice your support or opposition at our information evening…

Resident Notice

Latest Auckland Council housing zone changes mean your street can still be developed into townhouses & apartments.

Grey Lynn Residents Association information evening and the chance to voice your support or opposition to the changes.

Monday 25th January at 7.30PM, GREY LYNN RSC, 1 FRANCIS STREET, GREY LYNN

In 2013 Auckland Council released the Draft Unitary Plan proposing zone changes that would mean the loss of heritage and allow for massive intensification across substantial areas of Grey Lynn.

Grey Lynn residents and the Grey Lynn Residents Association (GLRA) told Auckland Council we did not support intensification of villa and bungalow lined streets and wanted heritage protection.

When the 2nd version, the Proposed Unitary Plan, was released in Sept 2013, much of Grey Lynn had been rezoned Single House.

Since then, Auckland Council has done a heritage review of Grey Lynn, taken further submissions to the plan, and also been undertaking Unitary Plan Independent Panel hearings.

For 3 years the GLRA has remained active in the Unitary Plan process, making further submissions and appearing at hearings.

NOW, Auckland Council has released NEW Unitary Plan zoning maps that again up-zone Auckland for higher density housing.

The majority of Grey Lynn has retained its Single House zoning.

BUT, your street (see list below) has been up-zoned to Mixed Housing Urban or Mixed Housing Suburban – allowing development intensification to happen.

In February, the GLRA is appearing at Independent Hearings Panel hearings relating to zoning changes and are currently preparing our evidence.

We want to tell you about the proposed changes and hear from you, the affected residents, as to whether you support or oppose them.

Mixed Housing Urban Zone

Allows 3-storey high-density developments including apartment buildings…

  • Allen Rd (part of north side)
  • Barrington Road
  • Bullock Track
  • Dickens Street (part of west side)
  • Dryden Street (part of east side)
  • Fisherton Street (western end)
  • Gilbert Avenue
  • Great North Road (part of north and south sides)
  • Peel St (part of north side)
  • Rona Avenue
  • Sackville Street (west end and middle)
  • Sefton Avenue
  • Schofield Street (parts of west side)
  • Stanmore Road (part of east side)
  • Surrey Crescent (part of south side)
  • Tuarangi Road (east end)
  • Wallingford Street (west side)

Mixed Housing Suburban Zone

Allows 2-storey high-density housing, with no density limits for sites over 1,000 square metres…

  • Francis St (north side)
  • Maxwell Avenue (including west end)
  • Old Mill Rd (north side)
  • Surrey Crescent (north side)
  • Sackville Street (middle section)

Click here to view the zoning map as notified »
(PDF 2.5 MB. Click to open in new tab. Right click to download.)

Click here to view the zoning map “Preliminary position for hearings” »
(PDF 2.7 MB. Click to open in new tab. Right click to download.)



  1. Jono Twyman says

    Changing Tuarangi Rd (especially the ROW on the left as you drive down) into mixed housing is ridiculous. These houses are all character bungalows and villas and many have views west to the Waitakere Ranges where the sun sets. The ROW would not handle more traffic and 2-3 storey developments / apartments will absolutely ruin the street. These should remain as single houses as before. Thanks

    • Brandon Wilcox, GLRA says

      Thanks for registering your views Jono. We understand the need for intensification in Auckland and the case for intensification along major arterial routes, but also don’t want to see the heritage character of our neighbourhood ruined. The question is where the balance is. Hope to see you at the info evening.

  2. i support this increase in intensification. two and three storey developments are very human-scale and will support the diversity of the suburb that we love continuing into the future.

  3. Tim Gummer says

    Living in the area (kingsland/eden terrace) I support medium density intensification in the central auckland fringe. As a baby boomer I understand that I have no moral right to lock out younger generations from access to the urban areas I’ve been able to take for granted in my life, or to stand in the way of measures such as intensification that are needed to reduce the carbon emissions created from our chosen inefficiencies. Density done right is not Hobson St – it’s at a human scale and what great cities take for granted. And I don’t want to go to my grave knowing I stood in the way of a more vibrant and sustainable city for the the sake of a VIEW.

  4. As long as the 3 storey buildings don’t overshadow their neighbours too much, then I don’t see what the problem is. A lot of older houses are on *very* small sites and they are just fine.
    We don’t live in a potential slum area so should be too concerned about quality…. Most new ‘compact’ terraced houses & apartments sell for over $1.5m and they look pretty good from the outside.

    Also, If a street has a heritage character then it can get a character overlay applied on the unitary plan, so any new buildings must be sensitive to the existing style. We should fight to apply this overlay, where possible, because it could be a good back-up to the usual zoning rules.

    What Grey Lynn needs very soon are some more parks and other nice spaces & facilities to support these new residents!